100% Ceylon Tea


Ceylon Tea Lion Logo certified that tea is 100% produced and packed in Sri Lanka according to the Sri Lanka Tea Board Quality standards. Sri Lanka Tea Board is the legitimate owner of the Ceylon Tea Lion logo which has been registered in many countries in the world. The Lion Logo denotes not only the country of origin but also the quality of Ceylon Tea and it's subject to the following conditions:


• The Lion Logo can be used only on consumer packs of Ceylon tea.

• The packs should contain 100% pure Ceylon tea.

• The brands which use the Lion Logo should be packed in Sri Lanka. 

• The brands which use the Lion Logo should conform to the quality standards set out by the Sri Lanka Tea Board.


In Sri Lanka, import of poor quality tea for blending with fine Ceylon tea is forbidden. The lion logo is the official state symbol of “Fine Quality Ceylon Tea” certified by the Sri Lanka Tea Board. Mlesna Ceylon Teas are origin and quality guaranteed by the Lion symbol on all packages.

Natural GrownING

 In Sri Lanka use of DDT is prohibited, instead traditional growing methods with no use of weed killers or chemical fertilizer are promoted. All estate must attend sustainable growing methods in order to preserve the surrounding rainforest delicate ecosystem.

Hand pluckING

In Sri Lanka tea is hand plucked according to tradition, everyday early morning the skilled pluckers climb the hills to pluck the young leaves, they don't have to break them to avoid untimely oxidation. This is the best way to select two leaves and a bud, the right part to make the famous Orange Pekoe tea.

ORTHODOX manufacture

In Sri Lanka manufacturing follow the orthodox method which has 5 steps (withering, rolling, fermentation, firing and grading) and takes up to 48 hour. Tea produced by CTC authomatic machines, which accelerate the process but reduce the quality, are out of the Sri Lanka Tea Board standards.