The Company

When Mlesna story began in 1983, the majority of tea exporter were just shipping bulk tea to big companies who packed and market it abroad. Mr Anselm Perera had been working for these companies but he moved out with an ambition: bring out a value - added product, not to merely export the commodity. So, he gathered a young team of tea experts with a passion for quality to create a new brand of superior tea in specially designed packages and called it Mlesna. Since 30 years, Brand Mlesna stands for high quality, excellent packaging and an exquisite range of gift products. 

Its promise is to provide the world with tea that is...Naturally the Best!

 Skilled tea tasters, with some 37 years experience in tasting and blending, taste and select the best teas to process Mlesna’s blends.



Mlesna’s hygienic production and packing facilities ensure quality and consistency.



The quality of Mlesna products is proven by the 72 awards Mlesna has to its accreditation, with 9 World Star awards for Packaging Excellence and Superior quality products, and a Superbrand Status.