30 years of excellence

It all began when, in 1983, a young team of tea experts with a passion for quality set about creating a range of best Ceylon teas produced and packed in Sri Lanka, to preserve the original aroma. Mlesna was born and today, with over three decades of experience in tasting and blending, it offers some of the finest blends in the world in a wide array of consumer and gift packs,  making it the widest range of tea available under one brand name.

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100% Pure Ceylon Tea

The original Ceylon Tea is certified by the Lion logo which means the tea is 100% produced and packed in Sri Lanka according to the Sri Lanka Tea Board Quality standards.

In Sri Lanka it’s forbidden to import tea which could be grown on the island, in this way a tea wich is produced and packed in Sri Lanka cannot be mixed with foreign teas to reduce the price. Mlensa teas denomination of origin is guaranteed by the lion logo printed on all the Ceylon tea boxes.

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Superbrands Status

High quality products, original and innovative packaging, brand prestige and liability, high standards in manifacturing: this is why Mlesna is a Superbrand, as certified by the logo released by the Sri Lanka Superbrand Council.

Naturally the Best!

In Sri Lanka use of DDT is prohibited, instead traditional growing methods with no use of weed killers or chemical fertilizer are promoted. All tea growers follow the standards set by the Sustainable Agriculture Network and the Rainforest Alliance to support sustainable growing methods in order to protect the delicate Rainforest ecosystem. Ceylon tea is the world’s only 100% ozone-friendly tea, because no emission or damaging elements are produced in the whole process.